Brohawk Solutions

Bringing solutions to your Contact Center challenges


Our approach

Brohawk Solutions, LLC is driven by a strong belief in the Diamond Rule, to “Discern what people will want and need even before they realize it. Then offer it at the right time.” It is our passion to develop and share in contact center best practices and anticipate the needs of our customers and yours; predicting/offering solutions when there is a need. 

Our approach sets us apart from the herd; some consultants grow their business by telling you what they think you want to hear, as opposed to what you need to know. Brohawk Solutions, LLC has a passion to see your contact center operation be a value add for your organization as well as your customers.  We will provide you with a clear understanding of not just where your contact center is today, but where it could be tomorrow; providing you with an actionable plan on how to get there. 

We will be your trusted partner as you implement solutions that fit your unique contact center needs.

Our advising services include:

  • Workforce optimization
  • Quality program optimization
  • Customer experience assessment
  • Employee engagement
  • Process, policy and procedure optimization
  • First contact resolution effectiveness
  • Internal training optimization
  • Front line leadership assessment
  • Vendor and 3rd party solution assessments